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Hmmwv Engine Cooling Fan Upgrade Kit

Hmmwv Engine Cooling Fan Upgrade Kit

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Cooling upgrade kit

Hmmwv hight performance HD cooling fan kit / Fits only with Serpentine belt trucks (not fit on the M998 with 6.2 engine)   
Key Benefits - High flow composite HD fan kit designed for extremes offraod applications.   - Help engine coolant temp down to 180-190F. - Significantly decrees engine noice - Increase reliability of your engine cooling systems without the hydraulic setup, no more (time delay module problems or hydraulic fan problems! 
Model (Serial Number Range)
M997A2 (163XXX to 246889)
M998A2 (163XXX to 246889)
M1025A2 (163XXX to 246889)
M1035A2 (163XXX to 246889)
M1043A2 (163XXX to 246889)
M1045A2 (163XXX to 246889)
M1097A2 (163XXX to 246889)
M1113 (165XXX to 246889)
M1114 (165XXX to 246889)
M1116 (165XXX to 246889)
M1123 (163XXX to 246889)
M1151 (224XXX to 246889)
M1151A1 (246890 to 299999)
M1152 (224XXX to 246889)
M1152A1 (246890 to 299999)
M1165 (224XXX to 246889)
M1165A1 (246890 to 299999)
M1167 (224XXX to 246889)
M1167A1 (246890 to 299999)
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